Capricorns, it’s time to take a trip of a lifetime.

In the cold months of winter, it’s always nice to make vacation plans for the year ahead. But the big question is, where to travel? To offer you some travel inspiration, Ampersand Travel has revealed the best holiday destinations according to your zodiac sign. Analyzing the traits and interests of the 12 star signs, they have matched each zodiac to their perfect travel destination.

Aquarius — Japan

Aquarians are creative types who will love the art and cultural appeal of Japan. People under this star sign are naturally curious so will appreciate exploring a new and unique culture.

Pisces — Ecuador

If your birthday falls under the Pisces sign, then Ecuador is the perfect destination for you. Those with this zodiac are considered kind, imaginative and compassionate, so the rich and beautiful landscapes and friendly locals of this country are a great fit.

Aries — The Southwest

Being thrill-seekers, those under the sign of Aries will also love the huge range of different adventures on offer in places like Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

Taurus — Thailand

Known for its stunning beaches and natural scenery, both adventure and relaxation awaits.

Gemini — Singapore

Geminis should certainly add Singapore to their travel bucket list for the year. Being very adaptable, people of this star sign will enjoy trying out new foods and activities in this exciting country.

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