From luxurious sleeps, to terrifyingly authentic inmate experiences, do the time without the crime in these seven converted prison hotels.

Usually a place you’d probably prefer to avoid, abandoned penitentiaries are becoming some of the more desired spots to spend a vacation. You don’t have to upset the law to be thrown into these slammers, just a sense of humor, an open mind and your holiday parole money.

The Liberty Hotel, Boston, USA

A derelict prison center transformed into a luxurious hotel lobby.

The old Charles Street Jail is something of a Boston legend. Opened in 1851, the 220-cell penitentiary has played host to several celebrity convicts, including Albert DeSalvo, aka the Boston Strangler; Malcolm X; and the crew of a German submarine during World War II. The jail was then officially closed in 1990 due to mass overcrowding.

Today, the grounds have been overhauled into one of the swankiest hotels in Massachusetts, featuring a huge cell block, turned extravagant lobby with fine dining restaurants and 298 surprisingly roomy bedroom suites.

Go straight to jail: book a cell at The Liberty Hotel.

Malmaison, Oxford, UK

The grand entrance way to Oxford's Malmaison Hotel.

At nearly 1,000 years old, the sight of Oxford‘s Malmaison hotelis steeped in a rich local history. Originally an 11th century wooden motte-and-bailey castle, the grounds were raided by the Normans in the Anarchy war, only to be built and battered during the English Civil War. The remaining patchwork structure was converted into a high security prison in the 1800s.

After closure in 1996, the grounds were transformed into a Grade I heritage landmark, a shopping center and a popular boutique hotel. The Malmaison has a variety of luxuries that visiting detainees can enjoy, including jail cells featuring 6-inch wide windows and the rental of chic black-and-white prison apparel. You might even get the chance to meet Mary Blandy, a former inmate from the 18th century whose ghost lingers in the grounds at night… The hotel is also a popular wedding venue.

Go straight to jail: book a cell at the Malmaison.

Långholmen Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

The prison corridor of the LÃ¥ngholmen hotel.

Prisoners couldn’t hatch their Great Escape, but – when you look at the arresting surroundings of Stockholm‘s Långholmen island – why would you ever want to leave? This little islet once played host to Sweden’s biggest prison, featuring 500-cells and glorious green courtyards, before closing in 1989.

The grounds were remodeled into a very attractive holiday getaway in 1991, boasting not only an exclusive hotel, but a buzzing youth hostel too. Whether you’re an old inmate or a thrifty juvenile delinquent, the guided island tours and sunny atrium lounge are the perfect way to luxuriate during your sentence.

Go straight to jail: book a cell at the Långholmen Hotel.

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