Rooms are pretty affordable, too.

Dubai has added another gleaming tower to its skyline, though it’s not a commercial center or luxury penthouse — it’s a hotel.

The Gevora Hotel recently eclipsed the nearby JW Marriott Marquis to earn the title of tallest hotel in the world, standing at 1,168 feet. It opened for business earlier this week, according to local paper the National, with prices that travelers should find within reason despite its grand height.

According to Inverse, rooms on average will go for somewhere between $163 to $190 a night, compared to an average of $243 at rival hotels close by.

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“We are going into the market at a rate slightly lower than the average around this area,” Gevora’s general manager, Jairaj Gorsia, told the National. “The room rates that we will offer is considered very competitive.”

Amenities include a rooftop pool on the hotel’s 12th floor with sweeping views of downtown Dubai as well as five restaurants, a health club, and a sauna.

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One potential downside travelers should be aware of is that there is no bar. Gevora is a dry hotel, but it has a coffee and cake shop as an alternative.

“Being non-alcohol licensed hotel is actually an advantage,” Gorsia said. “Families, especially extended families, and kids will enjoy the hotel.”

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