Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, wants to treat you to a fantasy you didn’t even know you had.

In May, after the entire town was notified that the city center would need to be relocated two miles east — due to the town’s crumbling foundation — a Swedish developer offered a gift to ease the transition: a golden, solar-powered, egg-shaped sauna for all to enjoy.

The sauna, developed by art duo Bigert & Bergstrom, was built to act as a community meeting center, according to TIME, where people could come to discuss changes and to promote “thoughts of rebirth.”

“The egg shape seeks to symbolize rebirth and new opportunities at the start of Kiruna’s urban transformation, a project that involves the relocation of entire city districts in response to ground subsidence caused by decades of iron ore mining,” according to statement from Off the Map, a travel company that is offering travelers the option to add on a trip to the egg on Arctic itineraries.

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