Although there are countless ways to spend Valentine’s Day together as a couple—dinner, drinks, spa, a night in—there are few that are as healthy for a relationship as taking a trip together.

It’s true—nothing brings couples closer together than traveling to new destinations and sharing experiences together.

But no two love affairs are the same, which is why we believe that no two romantic getaways should be the same, either.

For couples planning an epic trip from sea to shining sea or for those just hoping to book a weekend getaway close by, we went from coast to coast to find 51 of the most romantic spots our country has to offer. There’s one in every state, and even the District of Columbia.

There are plenty of romantic wilderness retreats where couples can take advantage of epic cliffs, waterfalls and beaches. For more urban couples, we found waterfront streets and high-up cityscape views. And, of course, there are a few castles for couples swept up in a fairytale romance.

And hey, even if there isn’t a special someone to take on a trip this year, in the words of Oscar Wilde, “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

Alabama — Cheaha State Park

The highest point in all of Alabama is inside of this state park. The park is especially tranquil and has plenty of hidden nooks and crannies to hide out in. For the more adventurous, there are opportunities to fish, mine gems, rock climb, hike, swim or geocash.

Alaska — Mendenhall Ice Caves

For couples who thrive on a bit of danger, Alaska’s Mendenhall Ice Caves are a perfect epic romantic adventure. The caves glow a breathtaking blue that visitors often describe as “otherworldly.” Bear in mind that the caves are rapidly melting due to global warming, so your romance may outlive them.

Arizona — Emerald Cove

Black Canyon’s Emerald Cove is best explored from kayak. It’s a hidden cave where the water inside glows a brilliant green. It’s a magical and memorable photo opp and perfect for couples who split a tandem kayak. Keep paddling down the Colorado River and visitors will find a saunas, hot springs and narrow canyons.

Arkansas — Whitaker Point

This perilous rock deep in the Ozarks is one of Arkansas’s most-photographed site. The rock, which is also named Hawksbill Crag for its shape, lets visitors (quite literally) live on the edge. It’s certainly a fantastic backdrop for anybody planning a sweeping declaration of their love.

California — Griffith Observatory

Relive old Hollywood glamour in your romance by holing up at Griffith Observatory. Since playing host to that iconic scene from Rebel Without a Cause, the Los Angeles observatory has become a symbol for SoCal love. It was even featured in the city’s latest romantic film La La Land. For those that are more into the outdoors than the cinema, the hike up to the observatory provides fantastic views of Los Angeles.

Colorado — Bishop Castle

When you’re in love, it feels like there’s nothing you can’t do—even construct the country’s largest self-built castle. Jim Bishop has spent the past 60 years constructing his now-16-story-high fortress. He started the project when he and his wife needed a place to live. Today it’s become a unique tourist attraction and personal feat.

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