One of the most fitting ways to explore the ins and outs of Norway is by traveling along any one of the country’s national tourist routes; well established drives that open the doors to some of the finest, most breathtaking scenery in Europe’s most majestic, northern areas. Here the landscape is wild, shaped only by the elements outside of the mostly-small-but interesting towns and villages. Extraordinary mountains, plummeting valleys, hairpin turns, historic bridges, northern lights and midnight sun—it’s all here in Norway across tourist routes that beg to be driven over again and again.

6. Havøysund National Tourist Route

Follow the ocean across wild terrain and into the farthest reaches of Norway’s northern edge toward luminous Arctic light along the Havoysund National Tourist Route for an incomparable Nordic journey. Legendary Arctic glow from the winter’s mind-blowing Northern lights to summer’s midnight sun can be experienced in this raw and stunning landscape. The abrupt change in this northern getaway spans from fjord and coast to mountains and plateaus. The fishing industry sustains locals here, evident at almost any point where you come into contact with people; bring along a rod and reel and try out an authentic and world-class experience. History here begins about 6,000 years ago, when the hardiest of people settled the land. Don’t miss the tiny village of Havoysund, which presents some unexpected bustle among barren backdrops. Set on the Finnmark shore, arts and crafts, fishing, and tourism keeps this hamlet thriving.

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