A small town with some big waterfalls, Puerto Iguazú is just a short ride away from the national park filled with magnificent falls that share its name.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site of cascading waters might be the main draw for tourists here, but visitors can easily occupy themselves with several eco-centric, cultural, and leisurely activities for a few days as well.

Located in the Littoral area of northern Argentina right next to the rainforest and the borders of Brazil and Paraguay, spend a day or two at the falls and then go exploring.

Around town and just outside of Puerto Iguazú, check out a few quirky attractions, learn about the indigenous Guaraní people, and see some of the exotic wildlife that this region is known for.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Puerto Iguazú:

1. Parque Nacional Iguazú

One of the natural wonders of the world and home to literally hundreds of waterfalls, Iguazú

Falls is the reason people come to town.

The Argentinean side of the national park provides plenty to do, so wander around even after you’ve visited the most famous set of cascading waters.

There are two main paths – the Circuito Superior (Upper Circuit) and the Circuito Inferior (Lower Circuit) – and a couple smaller trails that will take you around the jungle landscape for views of waterfalls.

Along the way you’ll see indigenous plants like ferns, orchids, and cacti, plus critters like capybaras, hummingbirds, and lizards.

There’s also a free boat you can take to Isla San Martin where you can hike more trails and sunbathe on an idyllic beach.

2. Garganta del Diablo

Take the train or walk to the start of the path which will take you to the lookout point for La Garganta del Diablo or the Devil’s Throat.

It’s the highest and most famous of all the waterfalls here in Iguazú, so get your cameras and your raincoats ready (it can get a little misty here). You’ll feel the power of nature as millions of liters of water rush down 262 feet (80 meters) from this complex of cascades in a U-shaped chasm.

Watch for butterflies, birds, and crocodiles around the river near the walkway, and be careful of the coatis (furry mammals) that will try to steal any food you might have.

3. Take a Cruise By the Falls

After you’ve gotten as close as you can to the falls on foot, go for an exciting boat trip up the Iguazú River to get even closer.

Bring your waterproof gear and a change of clothes and prepare to get drenched by these rushing waters in an exhilarating ride through the falls themselves.

You’ll have an incredibly different view of the falls from your perspective down in the river below.

Jet boats leave from the Circuito Inferior (Lower Trail) or Puerto Macuco, taking tourists through the rapids toward the cascades of water and directly into the San Martín waterfall.

Some boats provide waterproof storage, but be sure to put your electronics away before you get too close!

4. Go Ziplining

To add a little more adventure to your visit to Iguazú, head into the jungle to go ziplining with one of the tour agencies in town.

Take a ride through the countryside, a trek through the rainforest, and then arrive at the three ziplines which you’ll speed down one after the other.

After your canopy experience, there’s also rappelling down a waterfall, which is adventurous but still suitable for beginners and families.

Be prepared to get wet and muddy, and bring a bathing suit to do some swimming after you’re done.

It’s a good half-day adventure in the real jungle away from all the tourists of the national park.

5. La Casa de Las Botellas

This fascinating bungalow was built totally out of recycled bottles and pallets and other previously-used packaging materials and it’s worth a look around.

The home is a unique attraction and the owner, who helps build houses for less fortunate in the surrounding areas, can tell you all about the building techniques he and his family used during a guided talk.

It’s just 300 meters off the road to the falls, and they sell original crafts made from plastic bottles and tin cans here that make great gifts.

The home is full of decor and furniture made from things that would’ve just gone into a landfill, so you’ll see things like chairs made from old tires.

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